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“I can't express how honored I am that you like me - you really like me.”- Michael Rosenbaum
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"Oh I love…I love that kind of stuff. I mean, you’ve known me for awhile, anything…you stick me on a rig or fly me around or something, I do get really happy. I’m a big kid at heart."

“Just roll with it. Trust me. Everything will be put right by the end of the season no matter how badly the ship is shaken up.”

~ Charlie Schneider (aka Emergency Awesome) on the coming triangle involving Oliver and Felicity on Arrow. [x] (via smoakandarrow)

be everything you want to be. (xx)

@1PhoebeJTonkin: Why do dads get all the credit for all the GOOD jokes

The ‘Arrow’ Cast at EW Hideout Comic-Con 2014 (x)

Emily Bett Rickards + Stephen Amell creating new words at SDCC 2014.

Warner Bros. At Comic-Con International 2014


Stephen Amell and Emily Bett Rickards - SDCC 2014

Q: Will we see Oliver have a challenge in being truthful and honest with [Felicity], or is that part of their attraction, that he can’t be honest and truthful with her?

A: What’s fun about the season premiere is you do get to see him be honest and truthful with her. For both good and bad. I think he’s finally revealing some secrets that she didn’t know. And her reaction to those secrets is interesting.

I think they’re in love with each other, and when you’re in love with someone it’s very hard for that person you love to tell you something that’s going to make you fall out of love with them instantaneously. But that emotional intimacy deepens their relationship, deepens their connection.

~ Marc Guggenheim on Oliver and Felicity in season 3 (x)
The fact that Marc Guggenheim said himself that Oliver came really really close to tell Felicity about his feelings in 2x06 with that “Because of the life that I lead…” speech.


…aka, Oliver Jonas Queen has been in love with Felicity Megan Smoak at least for a year. I repeat, for an entire year. PASS IT ON.